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The Puerto Rican Freedom Album - is a musical CD/compilation dedicated to the welfare of the Puerto Rican political prisoners and their families. The album features over 30 artists from Puerto Rico to the states. Proceeds assist past Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War who have been freed and are now attempting to survive in a system where many channels have been closed to them. The Puerto Rican people have been able to free many of our political prisoners and we will push forward this campaign to free our remaining compatriots. The Puerto Rican Freedom Album isanother example of our creativity in building solidarity and unity amongst ourselves. 
The Freedom Album is a musical CD/compilation, initiated by The Welfare Poets and dedicated to the welfare of the Puerto Rican political prisoners and their families. The struggle for Puerto Rico's independence stems back to the late15th century when Christopher Columbus under the auspices of the Spanish Crown, first invaded the Caribbean island. The modern struggle for Puerto Rican sovereignty, clutched in the grasp of the United States, has also been waged by Puerto Ricans from the island to the states who yearn freedom. Since July 25th 1898, Puerto Ricans have moved against America's hegemonic wishes to liberate their island. This fight has lead to various generations of Puerto Rican political prisoners. 

Artists Featured on this dual album:
The Welfare Poets with Alkebulan (Hip Hop - NYC), Roy Brown (Folk – Puerto Rico), Siete Nueve (Hip Hop – Puerto Rico), Aurora y Zon Del Barrio with Yomo Toro y Sammy Ayala (Bomba, Plena and Salsa - NYC), Division X (Hip Hop - NYC),Intifada (Hip Hop – Puerto Rico), Ilu Aye (Orisha/Afro-Caribbean tradition -NYC),X-Vandals (Hip Hop - NYC), Rebel Diaz with Divino of The D.E.Y. (Hip Hop Chicago/NYC), Alma Moyo (Bomba y Plena – NYC), Ricanstruction (Hardcore/Punk/Hip Hop - NYC), Quique Cruz (Hip Hop - California), Foundation Movement (Boston – Hip Hop), Lourdez Perez (Decima – Puerto Rico), Homeboy Sandman (Hip Hop – NYC), Babalu Machete (Hip Hop – Puerto Rico), Segunda Quimbamba (Bomba – NJ), El David (Hip Hop - NJ), Dr. Loco (Hip Hop NYC),Fernando Ferrer (Salsa/Acoustic), Maria-Isa (Hip Hop -Minnesota/Twin Cities),Velcro y Ikol Santiago (Hip Hop – Puerto Rico), Ray Concepcion y Cafe Con Leche(Salsa – the Bronx), M-Team (Hip Hop – Pittsburgh/ Brooklyn), Bryan Vargas Y Ya Esta (Latin, Nu-Jazz and Afro-beat – NYC), La Bruja (Hip Hop/Reggaeton NYC),MC Natra Y Lady M (Hip Hop – Vieques), Carlos Jimenez (Latin Jazz – NYC),F.A.L.L.E.N. A.N.G.E.L.Z. (Hip Hop – NY and Florida), Nino Blanco (Hip Hop – NYC) and Angel Rodriguez (Guaguanco - NYC).
In September of 1999, then US president, Bill Clinton, granted clemency to twelve Puerto Rican patriots, who had up to that point, been incarcerated for close to twenty years. A few of the Puerto Rican political prisoners who were not granted clemency,Oscar Lopez Rivera, Carlos Alberto Torres and Haydee Beltran Torres, remain confined, in addition to Avelino Gonzalez Claudio, the fourth of the current Puerto Rican Political Prisoners, who was most recently incarcerated in February of 2008. To learn more about the Puerto Rican political prisoners, go to and

The Puerto Rican Freedom Project is a coalition of artists, activists and organizations that have come together to put out this project.