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Warn Them – A decade after the release of their first independent album “Project Blues,” The Welfare Poets put out their third and latest album, “Warn Them.” Adding to the lyrics of Ray Ramirez and Dahu Ala, the group expanded the collective on this project with the addition of the youngest member, emcee, producer and Harlem Puerto Rican, The Legendary M.I.C. (M. Pacheco). The band is still going as strong as ever these days, in particular with the addition of some powerful sisters whose singing and dancing has taken the live band experience to a new level, yet, “Warn Them,” featuring just the Legendary M.I.C. and Rayzer on rhyme with beats laid by the The Legendary M.I.C., is a throwback in Hip Hop to a time where there was just the emcee and a DJ.